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Proverbs–public readings Section B (Chapters 17-31)

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Prov034   The Folly of Rewarding Evil for Good (Prov. 17:1-16)

Prov035   Silence Can Be Golden (Prov. 17:17-28)

Prov036   The Fool’s Mouth (Prov. 18:1-11)

Prov037   Do Not Be Quick to Judge (Prov. 18:12-24)

Prov038   Beware of the False Witness (Prov. 19:1-14)

Prov039   The Folly of the Slothful Man (Prov. 19:15-29)

Prov040   Solomon’s Observation of Men (Prov. 20:1-15)

Prov041   Solomon’s Admonishment to Seek Counsel (Prov. 20:16-30)

Prov042   The Heart of the King (Prov. 21:1-15)

Prov043   Worldviews in Collision (Prov. 21:16-31)

Prov044   The Value of a Good Name (Prov. 22:1-16)

Prov045   Roadside Stop (Prov. 22:17-29)

Prov046   Deceitful Dainties (Prov. 23:1-11)

Prov047   A Father’s Advice to His Son (Prov. 23:12-25)

Prov048   Son–Give Me Your Heart (Prov. 23:26-35)

Prov049   Envy Not the Pagan (Prov. 24:1-20)

Prov050   Example of Two Fools (Prov. 24:21-34)

Prov051   Jesus Uses the Old Testament (Prov. 25:1-13)

Prov052   Life 101 (Prov. 25:14-28)

Prov053   The Folly of Fools (Prov. 26:1-16)

Prov054   The Unwelcome Meddler (Prov. 26:17-28)

Prov055   Interpersonal Relationships (Prov. 27:1-14)

Prov056   Interpersonal Relationships–2 (Prov. 27:15-27)

Prov057   Interpersonal Relationships–3 (Prov. 28:1-14)

Prov058   Interpersonal Relationships–4 (Prov. 28:15-28)

Prov059   Good and Evil Leaders Compared (Prov. 29:1-14)

Prov060   Light Versus Darkness (Prov. 29:15-27)

Prov061   An Evil Generation (Prov. 30:1-14)

Prov062   Observations of a Wise Man (Prov. 30:15-33)

Section A (Chapters 1-16)