Holding forth the Word of Life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ

Philippians 2:16

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Pastor’s Bible Study

This informal study is conducted two mid-week mornings per month.

Our Current Study:

The Development of

the New Testament

By Arthur M. Ogden

This book is currently out of print.  You might try finding a used copy for purchase online.

Our current plan is to modify number of lessons based on material covered in each of the 13 lessons in the book.  Some will be a brief synopsis; others a running commentary.

Introduction and Materials Offer

Code              Title (Text)

Lesson 1-A    The Divine Technique

Lesson 1-B    The Divine Technique

Lesson 1-C-a The Divine Technique Review and “Home Exercises”

Lesson 1-C-b The Divine Technique Review and “Home Exercises”

Lesson 2-A    History’s Role–the Roman Empire

Lesson 2-B    History’s Role–Judean Rulers & Four Guidelines

Lesson 2-C    History’s Role–review and “Home Exercises”

Lesson 3-A    The Historical Reconstruction–30-33 A.D.

Lesson 3-B    The Historical Reconstruction–33-44 A.D.

Lesson 3-C    The Historical Reconstruction–44-50 A.D.

Lesson 3-D    The Historical Reconstruction–review and “Home Exercises”

Lesson 4-A    The Historical Reconstruction–50-53 A.D.

Lesson 4-B    The Historical Reconstruction–53-58 A.D.

Lesson 4-C    The Historical Reconstruction–58-65 A.D.   Timeline chart

Lesson 4-D    The Historical Reconstruction–Review & “Home Exercises”

Lesson 5-A    The Primary Revelation

Lesson 5-B    Transition from Oral to Written

Lesson 5-C    The Literary Revelation

Lesson 5-D    I Thessalonians (52 A.D.)

Lesson 5-E    The Primary & Literary Revelation–Review & “Home Exercises”  

Section 2   Lessons 6 The Literary Revelation Continues

(books of II Thessalonians, Galatians, I & II Corinthians, Romans)

Lesson 7 Paul’s Literary Interlude (Matthew, Mark, James, Luke)

Section 3   Lesson 8 Paul’s Prison Epistles (books of Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon)

Section 4   Lessons 9-10 The Post Prison Epistles (I Peter, Titus, I Timothy, II Peter, Jude, II Timothy)

Section 5   Lesson 11 The Works of John (Gospel of John, Epistles of John)

Section 6   Lesson 12-13 The Book of Revelation and The Testimony of History