Holding forth the Word of Life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ

Philippians 2:16

Trinity Reformed Baptist Church

Topeka, Kansas    66614

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These audio files are from our Sunday morning worship service–the public reading of Scripture.  

The passage is read and a brief commentary is given.  Each file is therefore only about 10-12 minutes in length.  These are NOT sermons.

Code       Title (scripture)

Jer001   Jeremiah’s Call (Jer. 1:1-10)

Jer002   Jeremiah’s Unpopular Message (Jer. 1:11-16)

Jer003   Courageous Under Fire (Jer. 1:17–2:3)

Jer004   Broken Cisterns (Jer. 2:4-13)

Jer005   A Nation Who Has Forgotten God (Jer. 2:14-37)

Jer006   A Whorish Forehead (Jer. 3:1-10)

Jer007   The Hope of the New Covenant (Jer. 3:10-19)

Jer008   A Call to Return Unto the Lord (Jer. 3:20–4:2)

Jer009   Symbolism of True Circumcision (Jer. 4:3-18)

Jer010   An Example of Apocalyptic Prophetic Utterance (Jer. 4:19-31)

Jer011   Find Me A Man (Jer. 5:1-9)

Jer012   The Corruption of the Whole Nation (Jer. 5:10-18)

Jer013   “My People Love to Have It So” (Jer. 5:19-31)

Jer014   An Alarm is Sounded (Jer. 6:1-8)

Jer015   We Will Not Walk; We Will Not Hear (Jer. 6:9-17)

Jer016   God’s Disdain of Judah’s Worship (Jer. 6:18-30)

Jer017   Jeremiah’s Sermon at the Temple Gates (Jer. 7:1-16)

Jer018   Obedience Above Sacrifice (Jer. 7:17-28)

Jer019   No Room for Graves (Jer. 7:29-34)

Jer020   When a People No Longer Blush (Jer. 8:1-13)

Jer021   Jeremiah’s Woeful Lament (Jer. 8:13-22)