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Pastor Randy Booth’s workbook A Study of the Doctrines of Grace”, became the basis for the remaining lessons beginning at this point.

Lesson One

SOV26   Two Undeniable Realities (Matt. 11:25-30)

SOV27   Diagnosing Man’s Problem–Three Possibilities (Jonah 2)

Lesson Two

SOV28   The Fall and the Extent of the Fall–1 (Gen. 1:26-31; Job 38:1-7)

SOV29   The Fall and the Extent of the Fall–2 (Gen. 1:26-28 & 2:23-25)

                         for a .pdf file of the “Federal Headship Comparison Chart”.

SOV30   The Fall and the Extent of the Fall–3 (Eccl. 7:29)

SOV31   The Fall of Man (Gen. 3:1-7)

SOV32   The Fall of Man–2 (Gen. 3:1-10)

SOV33   The Fall of Man–3 (Gen. 3:9-20)

SOV34   The Fall of Man–4 (Gen. 3:14-24)

SOV35   The Federal Headships of the Two Adams–--1 (Matt. 23:29-36)

SOV36   The Federal Headships of the Two Adams–2 (Matt. 23:29-36)

SOV37   The Federal Headships of the Two Adams–3 (Romans 5:12-19)

SOV38   God’s Curse on the Physical Order (Genesis 3:14-19)

Lesson Three

SOV39   Effects of the Fall on Man–1 (Rom. 8:18-23)

SOV40   Effects of the Fall on Man–2 (Isaiah 1:2-9)

SOV41   Total Depravity–What It Is–1 (Micah 7:1-7)

SOV42   Total Depravity–What It Is–2 (Matt. 7:15-20)

SOV43   Total Depravity–What It Is–3 (Heb. 11:1-6)

SOV44   Total Depravity–What It Is–4 (Isa. 59:1-4)

Lesson Four

SOV45   Free Will of Man–Introduction (Phil. 2:12-13)

SOV46   Does the Sinner Have a Free Will?–1 (Rev. 22:17)

SOV47   Does the Sinner Have a Free Will?–2 (John 4:9-14)

SOV48   Does the Sinner Have a Free Will?–3 (John 11:21-27)

SOV49   Does the Sinner Have a Free Will?–4 (James 1:17-18, Psalm 110:3)

SOV50   Does the Sinner Have a Free Will?–5 (Deut. 5:28-29; 31:21)

Lesson Five

SOV51   God’s Sovereignty & Predestination–Intro (Psalm 115:1-8)

SOV52   God Has a Plan–1 (Matt. 21:40-46)

SOV53   God Has a Plan–2 (Psalm 121)

SOV54   God Has a Plan–3 (Prov. 16:4, Amos 3:4-8)

SOV55   God Has a Plan–4 (Gen. 20:1-8)

Lesson Six

SOV56  Election Unto Salvation–Introduction–1 (Acts 13:44-49)

SOV57  Election Unto Salvation–Introduction–2 (Psalm 65:4)

SOV58  Election Unto Salvation–1 (Col. 3:12-15)

SOV59  Election Unto Salvation–2 [National Election] (Deut. 7:6-8)

SOV60  Election Unto Salvation–3 [Gifts, Talents, Abilities] (Romans 11:1-6)

SOV61  Election Unto Salvation–4 [Individual Men to Salvation] (Jer. 1:1-6)

SOV62  Election Unto Salvation–5 [Grounds & Basis–1] (John 17:1-3)

SOV63  Election Unto Salvation–6 [Grounds & Basis–2] (Eph. 1:1-13)

SOV64  Election Unto Salvation–7 (Eph. 1:1-13)

Sovereignty of Godbeginning of study in another workbook

Doctrines of Grace–section 2 (lessons 7-13)

Doctrines of Grace–1