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Philippians 2:16

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Current Events “in the news”

The Apostle Paul reminded the pastors of Ephesus in Acts 20 that while amongst them he preached the whole counsel of God.  Since the Scriptures do address such issues as the family, human government, and the sanctity of life, it is incumbent upon a pastor  to address current events as they relate to God’s counsel.  Is abortion murder?  Do Christians have the right to kill someone who may disagree with them?  And what about the rise of terrorism in the world?  I believe any pastor “worth his salt” must address the current issues of our day and cast a biblical light upon those issues.  Thus the justification of this sermon section.  –Pastor Bob

Code     Sermon Title (Scripture Text) [Topic]

CE01   A Biblical Response to the Death of an Abortionist–1 [murder of Dr. Tiller]

CE02   A Biblical Response to the Death of an Abortionist–2

CE03   The Great Disappointment of 2011 (II Cor. 11:1-4; 12-15) [Harold Camping’s prophecy]

CE04   When the Soul of a Nation Dies (Psalm 78:9-10, Lam. 1:1-11) [Aurora, CO theater shootings]

CE05   A Way That Seemeth Right to Man (Prov. 16:18-24, Col. 4:5-6) [Fred Phelps’ death]

CE06   ALL Life Matters–A Response to Planned Parenthood (Jer. 1:4-10) [undercover videos]

CE07   Ignorant Sheep for the Slaughter–1 (Jer. 4:22, 5:31; Is. 8:19-20) [book and movie The Shack]

CE08   Ignorant Sheep for the Slaughter–2 (Jer. 7:8, 7:23-24, 8:9)

CE09   A Biblical Response to COVID-19–1 (Deut. 24:8-9)

CE10   A Biblical Response to COVID-19–2 (Num. 5:1-3)

CE11   A Biblical Response to COVID-19–3 (Numbers 12:1-16)

CE12   A Biblical Response to COVID-19–4 Leprosy, the Cross & Salvation (Lev. 14:1-32)

CE13   A Biblical Response to COVID-19–5 (Lev. 14:33-15:12)

CE14   A Biblical Response to COVID-19–6 (Lev. 15:12-33)

CE15   American Assassins–Killers for Hire–1 (Amos 5:21-27, Jer. 2:31-32)

CE16   American Assassins–Killers for Hire–2 (Jer. 19:1-9, Ps. 139:13-18)

CE17   The Great Population Reduction–1 What Is Your Worldview?–1 (Isaiah 28:7-18)

CE18   The Great Population Reduction–2 What Is Your Worldview?–2 (I John 2:7-17)

CE19   The Great Population Reduction–3 Numbers Behind the Covenant with Death (Isa. 28:7-17)

CE20   The Great Population Reduction–4 United Nations Agenda 21 (Mark 7:20-23)

CE21   The Great Population Reduction–5 Examples of Genocise in Scripture (Gal. 5:17-21)

CE22   The Great Population Reduction–6 Two Types of Killing in Scripture (Eph. 4:17-24)

CE23   The Great Population Reduction–7 Covenant of Death Reviewed (II Tim. 3:1-7)

CE24   The Great Population Reduction–8 So What Can We Do? (Isaiah 28:16-18)

Cross Reference to other sermons that touch on this topic:

NL13   A Biblical Response to SCOTUS Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage (Heb. 13:4)