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1 Samuel–public readings

These audio files are from our Sunday morning worship service–the public reading of Scripture.  

The passage is read and a brief commentary is given.  

Each file is therefore only about 10-12 minutes in length.  These are NOT sermons.

Code          Title (Text)

1Sam001   The Heart of a Wannabe Mother (I Samuel 1:1-18)

1Sam002   The Character of Hannah’s Husband (I Samuel 1:19-28)

1Sam003   Hannah’s Theology (I Samuel 2:1-17)

1Sam004   Eli’s Wicked Sons (I Samuel 2:18-26)

1Sam005   Consequences of Not Honoring God (I Samuel 2:27-36)

1Sam006   The Call of Samuel (I Samuel 3:1-10)

1Sam007   Eli’s Judgment (I Samuel 3:11-21)

1Sam008   Prophecy Fulfilled (I Samuel 4:1-11)

1Sam009   The Glory of God is Departed (I Samuel 4:12-22)

1Sam010   God Can Defend Himself (I Samuel 5:1-12)

1Sam011   The Ark is Returned (I Samuel 6:1-21)

1Sam012   Samuel–the Intercessor (I Samuel 7:1-14)

1Sam013   Israel Demands a King (I Samuel 7:13–8:9)

1Sam014   The Manner of the King (I Samuel 8:10-22)

1Sam015   Judge Not According to Appearance (I Samuel 9:1-14)

1Sam016   Samuel Receives God’s Word (I Samuel 9:15-25)

1Sam017   Saul’s Anointing (I Samuel 10:1-17)

1Sam018   Prophetic Picture of John 19 (I Samuel 10:17-27)

1Sam019   The Depths of Man’s Depravity Exposed (I Samuel 11:1-11)

1Sam020   Samuel’s Challenging Question (I Samuel 11:12–12:5)

1Sam021   Samuel Recaps Israel’s History (I Samuel 12:6-25)

1Sam022   A People Unprepared (I Samuel 13:1-23)

1Sam023   The Boldness of Jonathan (I Samuel 14:1-18)

1Sam024   Superstitious Stupidity (I Samuel 14:19-35)

1Sam025   The Folly of Doing Your Own Thing (I Samuel 14:36-46)

1Sam026   Samuel’s Words Are Finally Realized (I Samuel 14:47-52)

1Sam027   Actions Lead To Consequences (I Samuel 15:1-15)

1Sam028   The Kingdom Rent (I Samuel 15:16-35)

1Sam029   David’s First Anointing (I Samuel 16:1-13)

1Sam030   An Evil Spirit from God (I Samuel 16:14-23)

1Sam031   David and Goliath–1 (I Samuel 17:1-11)

1Sam032   David and Goliath–2 (I Samuel 17:12-31)

1Sam033   David and Goliath–3 (I Samuel 17:32-37)

1Sam034   David and Goliath–4 (I Samuel 17:38-54)

1Sam035   Friendship of David & Jonathan Begins (I Samuel 17:55–18-5)

1Sam036   King Saul’s Jealousy of Young David Begins (I Samuel 18:5-16)

1Sam037   Saul Plots David’s Demise (I Samuel 18:17-30)

Continuing Sections:  (currently reserved for future use)

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