Holding forth the Word f Life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ

Philippians 2:16

Trinity Reformed Baptist Church

Topeka, Kansas    66614

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To Kenya…With Love!

General Greetings from Trinity Reformed Baptist Church

of Topeka, Kansas

2014–April  Prayers for Pastor Onserio following his poisoning

2015 Ladies Conference

2015–Delores Spagnuolo’s greeting video  

2015–Delores Spagnuolo’s message

“Teach Your Children Diligently”  (audio)

(Video version 2015)

2015 Message to Kenyan Ladies.wmv 2015 Delores greeting to Ladies of Kenya.wmv

Pastor Bob Spagnuolo’s Messages

2014–(Audio) “Our Dear Sister Phoebe”

2015–Ruth, a Lady of Purpose

2017–Being a Woman of Faith

2015 Ladies Conference--Ruth a Lady of Purpose.wmv

2016 Ladies Conference

Video–The Women Who Ministered to Christ

Lesson notes (pdf)

Video–hymn “Channels Only”

Video–hymn “Living for Jesus”

2016 Women Who Minister to Christ.wmv Channels Only.wmv Living for Jesus.wmv