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Philippians 2:16

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After Kenya’s disputed presidential elections in December, 2007, post-election violence was created by ethnic-tribal clashes, causing extreme blood shed which severely divided our nation.

This violence rocked almost every part of Kenya, where thousands of children were affected and as a result literally hundreds of them were left homeless, starving, and orphans.

In that stressful period, our Church in Nyamarambe, Kenya, East Africa, received 45 children who had lost their parents, were separated from family members, and who had fled into our church for refuge.

Our orphans project was officially established during November, 2009, and named after our supporting brethren in the Topeka Reformed Baptist Church (TRBC), in Topeka Kansas.

During our orphans’ worst period, TRBC helped these orphans by donating the initial one hundred dollars that rescued these orphans who were otherwise left to fend for themselves or die.


During  November, 2009, the Kenya Red Cross Society declared 45 children among those who came to our church as total orphans, whose parents or family members could not be found or accounted for.

It was then that we presented the issue of these orphans before our church members, and we unanimously chose to have these orphans stay with us, and we started a program for their care.

Since we had no funds to build an orphanage, we implemented the following procedure. Compelled by compassion and the love of Christ, we chose 11 orphans to stay in our small home, while the remaining 34 orphans were placed with other church members, but who remain under our church’s continual care.

It has never been an easy job as we have been going through extreme difficulties and challenges in clothing, feeding and even in sheltering them. But even in the midst of all the above difficulties and other challenges, we can give testimony and witness that our Lord is a wonderful God and truly His hand is upon these orphans’ lives.