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Philippians 2:16

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Dispensationalism and the Gospel

"Paul, referring to what had been done to Jesus by them 'that dwelt at Jerusalem and their rulers,' said that the reason for their murderous act was 'because they knew Him not, nor yet the voices of the prophets which are read every sabbath day;' and furthermore, that 'they have fulfilled them in condemning Him' (Acts 13:27).  This plainly declares that it was because the Jewish teachers had MISINTERPRETED  the messages of the prophets, that they were looking for the restoration of their national greatness, instead of that which the prophets had really foretold, a spiritual Kingdom ruled by 'Jesus Christ of the seed of David raised from the dead' (2 Tim. 2:18).  Have we not therefore, good reason to fear disastrous consequences from the fact that the teachers of the new dispensationalism say the Jewish rabbis were RIGHT IN THEIR INTERPRETATION of the prophesies, that the kingdom foretold by the prophets is AN EARTHLY KINGDOM of Jewish character, and that in fact Christ's mission at that very time was to restore again the earthly Kingdom to Israel?  And WHY then did He not do it?  The answer the dispensationalists give to this crucial question is one of the STRANGEST FEATURES OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM.  They say, in effect, that Christ was ready to do it, and that He would have done it, but that when He 'offered' them  THE VERY THING THEY WERE ARDENTLY EXPECTING, they (most inconsistently, it would appear) 'refused the offer,' whereupon it was 'withdrawn' and the kingdom 'postponed to a future dispensation.'  And when we ask for the citation of a single scripture that mentions the alleged 'offer,' or its 'refusal,' or the alleged 'withdrawal' and 'postponement,' not a reference is produced.  And particularly, when we press the question, what, in case the offer had been accepted, would have become of the Cross of Calvary, and the atonement for the sin of the world, the best answer we get is that in that event, 'atonement would have been made SOME OTHER WAY.'  Think of it!  'Some other way' than the Cross! 

(The Gospel of the Kingdom, Philip Mauro p-22,23)

Beloved, beware of eschatological Trojan horses!

–Pastor Bob Spagnuolo