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Philippians 2:16

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Founders of the Topeka Orphan Ministry

Meet Pastor Simeon Ombasa and wife Rosa

Co-founder of the Christian Fellowship Church

Pastor Simeon Ombasa was born in 1945 and raised in Nyamarambe, Kenya. He is the co-founder of Christian Fellowship Church, and The Topeka Orphans Ministry Project located in Nyamarambe, Kenya, East Africa. He is married to Rosa Kwamboka and blessed with children. He received JESUS as His Lord and Savior in 1992. He began his ministry in 1998 winning souls by evangelizing, going door to door. Then in 2006, together with his elder son, Andrew Onserio, he started a church and later planted more churches, where they have worship and Bible study fellowships in several villages in wes tern Kenya. Together they now have six pastors, some in training and all working within this ministry, teaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ombasa has a special place in his heart concerning the orphans. Currently he has 45 orphans under his ministry and some of the orphans are living in his home, and the remainder of the orphans are in the homes of other church members.

Meet Pastor Andrew Onserio and wife Rose

Co-Founder of Christian Fellowship Churches and

Leaders of the Topeka Orphans Ministry Project in

Nyamarambe, Kenya, East Africa

Pastor Onserio is the Co-Founder and leader of Christian Fellowship Churches, and a leader of Topeka Orphans Ministry Project located in Nyamarambe, Kenya. He was born in South Nyanza Province in Western Kenya in 1979. In 1998, he met Rose Keengu, and they were married April 14, 2003. God has blessed them with three children Nim, Micky and Zipporah. After his conversion in 1996, he felt God’s call into the Christian ministry. He has been serving God in the Soul Winning and Evangelism ministry. During the year 2000, he joined a local Biblical training study in Kisii, Kenya, where he attained a Diploma in Biblical Studies and later a Diploma in Pastoral Theology.

While in college, he Pastored a small Church called Fundamental Chapel. After completing his studies, he worked within the college for two years, also serving in various leadership capacities within the college. On May 22, 2006, he traveled back to his rural home in Gesonso village in the Nyamarambe area. He felt sad as he witnessed and learned of the perishing ways of his people in the rural parts of Nyamarambe. It greatly touched his heart, and because Pastor Ombasa had already started the ministry, Pastor Onserio joined him and by the grace of God they were able to plant more Churches that became part of their growing fellowship.

Since the year 2006, through evangelical gospel outreach of door to door Soul Winning and discipleship ministry, they have reached many souls who would have perished without the saving ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

With the Great Commission Church of Jesus Christ in Kenya, I desire to welcome every one into the Christian ministry and in our Fellowship. To me everybody is so important to Jesus Christ that He Suffered and Die for each one of us.  God bless and increase you.

--Pastor Onserio

Sister Rose Onserio

The Head Caregiver of The Topeka Orphans Ministry Project

Sister Rose is the beloved wife of Pastor Onserio, the founder of Christian Fellowship Church, and The Topeka Orphans Ministry Project. Rose is 28, has a family of three children, Zipporah, Mickey and Nim.  She is the head caregiver for the orphans living in their home.  She also prepares and serves food to all the other orphans, and other destitute children in our community every week.

Personal Testimony from the

Pastor Andrew Onserio

Being the elder son to Pastor Simeon Ombasa and the late Josephine Ombasa, I grew up in a small remote village in Nyamarambe, western part of Kenya. My mother died in 1987 when I was eight years old. She left me and my younger brother and sisters without a mother to care for us. During that time, my father was not walking right with God, and one year later, he remarried Rosa Kwamboka Ombasa. During that period, my younger brother and sisters and I went through great pain and many difficulties until my father and my stepmother started walking right with God. After that, the situation changed for the better and gave us all relief with good parental care. I remember the difficulties that I and my younger brother and sisters went through right after our mother died. Even today, when I think of my mother, my eyes always drop with painful tears, not only because of the great pain and difficulties we all suffered together, but because my mother was not saved!  I am certain that my mother didn’t go to heaven; therefore my mother did not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Now 20 years later, God has given us 45 children with many severe problems, more than what I had experienced before my mother died. Therefore, I requested and advised our church concerning the needs of these orphan children, to not abandon them. The church in their own poverty, agreed in one spirit to support these orphans, declared so by the Kenya Red Cross.

We did so with hope that one day we shall be able to establish a safe and secure compound for these and other children with no place to call home, which would enable them to receive tender care and the loving support they need. It is a fact, that this is a never-ending task, but we trust in God and we believe that He will never fail or forsake us. It is our sincere believe that this project has the intension of glorifying God. Therefore we have faith, that it has already been approved and funded from above.