Holding forth the Word f Life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ

Philippians 2:16

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(By Thomas Doolittle 1632–1707)

Do something every day in preparing for your eternal state. If anything of importance confronts you, it is this. If I could prevail with you in anything, O that it might be in this! . . .

If in anything I should be serious in preaching, nd you in hearing: this is it. The longer your abode shall be, the greater preparation you should make. When we exhort you to prepare for other duties, it is done in order that you might be prepared for the eternal world.

God has set you in this world for this very work–to make ready for eternity. Consider, I beseech you, and demand an answer from yourself: why has God brought you out of nothing and given you a being more noble than all His visible works? Do you think, it was that you should go for riches, and not grace; things temporal, not eternal; to buy and sell, and eat and drink and sleep?

Do you in your conscience think that God has appointed you no higher things to think about, no more permanent things to get? Reason will convince you, conscience will prove it to your face, and the immortality of your own souls will undeniably argue, that God has made you for nobler ends, higher functions, and greater concerns.

As you go out of time—so you must in the same state go into eternity! If you die in your sin—you must in your sin go down to hell. This is a life of trial; here in time you are probationers for eternity; and as you are found at the end of your life—so your state shall be determined to eternity of happiness, or misery without end.

If you go out of time unfitted for eternity, better you had never been in time.